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You are thinking of renting your Co-op Apartment in New York City?

Updated: May 22, 2023

If you are thinking of renting out your co-op apartment in New York City, and you might be wondering what the timeline is looking for to find a tenant, including the board approval process. We will discuss it and you will find it out here.

New York City Streets

Co-op are all slightly different, but in essence they are all very similar. You are looking at about a month in terms of approval time for the reason that the landlord needs probably a day, or two, or the longer is three days to kind of thoroughly review the application. Afterwards, there might be management from the board who needs to review the said application.

Therefore, from the moment you list it, you are anticipating at about a month until you can actually rent the place. In addition to that, the new tenant also needs to undergo the Co-op Board Interview, which follows from the moment the board has approved the application.

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